Sell Packages,
Not Time

Fractional is the all-in-one platform for productized firms. Create a public booking page where clients can book you in advance, agree to your contract, and set up recurring payments.

Grow Through Productization

Ready to onboard a client? Send them a proposal that's just 1 click away from initiating the contract


A custom, single-use proposal

Generate recurring revenue by creating a subscription service with recurring packages.

Recurring Package

Recurring service as a retainer

Create one-time packages that your clients can book when they’re ready, like buckets of hours or one-off services.

One-Time Package

One-time purchase


Stress-free experience from invoicing! Clients are required to set up their payment method prior to the start of the project, and you get paid automatically, up-front.


Mimimize dry spells by pre-selling your availability. Clients book you and set up a payment method in advance.


Faster client onboard! Set up a one-click services agreement that clients agree to while booking. Use Common Paper's pre-built agreement or define your own.

Client Portal

Communicate value to clients through a professional client portal. Let clients manage payment methods, projects, and see progress updates.

Booking Page

Create a professional booking page to create an impressive first impression and enable clients to book your packages.

Fractional By Use Case

Advisors, Consultants, & Coaches

Turn your side consulting into a livable income stream by selling packaged advising and consulting services.


Get clients onboarded in minutes and keep them updated with progress and budget in a professional dashboard.


Keep your clients organized and informed. Let them keep an eye on their budget usage in their dashboard so there are never surprises.

Trusted By Pros

Fractional has fully automated something that used to take up days of my time. It paid for itself in the first month.

Dan Stepanov, Ronin Technologies